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Reputable Sleep Study

Have you ever wondered if your supplements are truly working for you?

We do, too!

Exciting News 

We teamed up with the Reputable Health app to run a study on how HOP Box improves sleep.


Here’s the scoop

Who? Ten volunteers armed with Oura rings.

What? A month-long, HOP Box trial, with results monitored via the Reputable Health app.


The result?

HOP Box increased REM sleep, total sleep, and heart rate variability. Incredible! Woo Hoo!

BUT (here’s the rub)… we noticed some folks experienced a slight increase in sleep latency, meaning it took them longer to fall asleep at night when they took HOP pill packs. What’s our take? If you’re sensitive to its energizing ingredients, we now suggest taking your second daily HOP Box dose before 2pm. This tweak helps you enjoy the benefits without impacting your zzz’s.


Want to be part of future studies?

If you’re intrigued by what we’re learning and eager to contribute, reply with “Reputable” to join the adventure!

Thanks to data-driven insights from volunteers like you, we’re thrilled to keep exploring and improving.

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