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Longevity Challenge: Upend the Hourglass!

Have you ever wondered what it takes to not just live longer but live BETTER? It’s time to unlock ageless vitality and life bursting with zest. From vibrant energy surges to a radiant glow, dive deep into the very essence of living agelessly.

BEAMSSSS is more than just a challenge,
it's your lifelong mantra!

Holistic Well-Being

The BEAMSSSS Challenge offers a comprehensive approach, nurturing physical, mental, and emotional health for a well-rounded lifestyle.

Consistent Empowerment

Emphasizing daily commitment, the challenge cultivates lifelong, empowering habits through consistency rather than intensity.

Community & Purpose

Joining the BEAMSSSS Challenge means becoming part of a purpose-driven community dedicated to health, longevity, and collective betterment.

The problem is not lack of information. It's lack of curation.


The BEAMSSSS Challenge was challenging and fun. I've made the Non-Negotiables my daily routine and incorporated some of my favorite Lightning Strikes, too.

- Kyle Bergquist

Co-Founder, Reputable