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Do you ever wonder why you age?

In other words, what EXACTLY is happening that causes the aging of your body and mind? At HOP, we think about this A LOT… and we’re not alone. In the last decade, explorations into the catalysts of aging have skyrocketed. In fact, more money than ever is being thrown into longevity research as doctors and scientists try to figure out WHY we age and HOW can we slow it down.

So far, scientists have discovered nine categories of biochemical changes within our bodies that ultimately lead to aging – you may have heard of these classifications as the “9 Hallmarks of Aging.” We here at HOP want to make these concepts as fun and digestible as possible, whether you’re familiar with the science or completely new to the field! That’s why we’ve created our own cast of characters, the 9 Downfalls of Aging, so you can get a clearer glimpse into the mechanisms at work within your body.

Don’t be fooled by how cute and innocent these Downfalls may seem. They are secretly changing your body at the cellular level, wreaking the kinds of havoc that eventually leads to accelerated aging and all of the negative effects that come with it! From wrinkles and loss of strength to brain fog, stiff arteries, weak bones and cancer, the Downfalls play a key role in them all!

But, don’t despair! Now that we understand WHY we’re aging, we have a chance to stop these no-fun Downfalls in their tracks.

Without further ado, we'd like to introduce you to our Downfalls!

the sparks

Shorty T

(Telomere Attrition)

Unstable Mabel

(Genomic Instability)

Life Sticks

(Epigenetic Alteration)

Protein Misfit

(Loss of Proteostasis)

The Sparks trigger the initial damage that eventually blows up into flames, leading to faster aging. Unlike some of the other Downfalls, the Sparks are always bad news. They don’t do anything helpful for us, so putting out the Sparks before they catch fire is always the goal.

The Sparks cause damage to the DNA, around the DNA, and to nearby proteins. In other words, the Sparks mess with the blueprints for our cellular functions.

But, fret not! Your HOP Box has specific ingredients designed to halt these Sparky Downfalls before they can cause any catastrophic damage.


The Heckler

(Cellular Senescence)

Free O’Charge

(Mitochondrial Dysfunction)

Moodie Foodie

(Deregulated Nutrient Sensing)

Have you ever been cooking up some french fries and the grease caught fire? In the heat of the moment, have you thrown water on the fire and ultimately stoked the flames instead of extinguishing them? Yeah, well, that’s kind of how our Accidental Accelerant Downfalls feel.

The Accelerants aren’t bad guys by nature. However, sometimes, when they try to put out the tiny fires incited by the Sparks, they end up creating even MORE damage.

When you’re young, the Accidental Accelerants have specific jobs to do that keep you healthy. They keep your cells’ energy levels up, fight infections, and prevent tumors.  

But, as you get older, the Accelerants spend more and more time trying to put out the tiny fires created within the cells by the Sparks, and they often end up fanning those flames instead of stomping them out.  

Within your HOP Box, we include ingredients with just the right amount of activity against these Accidental Accelerant Downfalls. When it comes to treating these guys, the dose is really important because we don’t want to stop them from functioning completely; we just want to reduce their ability to cause harm.

HOP Box ingredients that target The Accidental Accelerants:

flames gone

Gossip Guuurl

(Altered Intercellular Communication)

Old Man Stem-y

(Stem Cell Exhaustion)

It started with the Sparks destabilizing the cells by creating changes in the DNA, around the DNA, and within the proteins. Then, we had the Accidental Accelerants, who stepped in hoping to extinguish those tiny fires, but ended up creating even MORE damage in the process.  

Finally, we meet the last of our Downfalls – the Flames Gone Wild!

Old Man Stem-y (stem cell exhaustion) and Gossip Guuurl (altered intercellular communication) result from the cumulative damaging effects caused by all of our other Downfalls. By the time these guys have stepped on the scene, we’re dealing with a dumpster fire of a situation with consequences that directly affect how we feel.  

Many of the classic signs and symptoms of aging are direct results of these last two Downfalls jumping into the frey. From fragile bones and weak muscles to wrinkling skin, low energy and slower thinking, these Flames Gone Wild are no joke!

Lucky for us, a number of the ingredients in the HOP Box directly target these Flames.

HOP Box Ingredients that Target the Flames Gone Wild:


Inflammation occurs when your immune system sends out cells to fight an infection or repair an injury. This is a normal, healthy response. But, sometimes, you can develop “chronic inflammation,” which means the immune system is all fired up and ready to attack, but there’s no injury or infection. This type of inflammation can lead to multiple diseases and problems over time and is one of the main contributors to aging.

Oxidative Stress:

Oxidative stress occurs when there is an imbalance of free radicals compared to antioxidants in the body, resulting in damage to cells and tissues. Free radicals (aka Reactive Oxygen Species, ROS) are oxygen-containing molecules with an uneven number of electrons. These electrons can wreak havoc on various tissues, such as the DNA, proteins, and mitochondria, sometimes causing irreparable damage.

Stem Cells:

 Stem cells are responsible for the upkeep of your body’s tissues and organs. These cells are capable of replicating as well as differentiating, which means turning into a variety of different cell types.  As we age, our stem cells become less active, so it’s more challenging to repair and regenerate tissue, a significant cause of the declines in health that we see with aging.

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