Why make the jump to HOP?

HOP was created to help you age better.

At HOP, we view aging as a process that can and should be combatted. Instead of accepting debility and frailty as inevitable, we aim to move towards vitality at any age. To this end, our team of longevity experts is using science to change the story we tell ourselves about what is possible.

Dr. Amy Killen

An ER doctor turned entrepreneur, Dr. Amy began exploring the world of healthy aging and longevity medicine after struggling with stress and burnout in her own life and then seeing that her emergency department patients were getting sicker, instead of healthier, over time. She quickly discovered that we have more control over our health, both short- and long-term, than we might think!

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The HOP team

Meet the dynamic individuals behind HOP, a team united by passion and expertise. From diverse backgrounds and skill sets, we come together to create a powerhouse of innovation and collaboration. Each member contributes a unique perspective, driving HOP’s success in redefining industry standards. Together, we are dedicated to realizing our collective vision and making a lasting impact.

Dr. Kyle Bergquist

Dr. Kyle Bergquist has spent a lifetime in health and wellness. Frustrated by a lack of credibility and trust within the wellness industry, Kyle co-founded Reputable, a decentralized N of 1 trial platform to unleash the quantified-self movement by inviting people to create, discover and benefit from a myriad of wellness experiments.

Paul (PJ) Sorbo

Paul Sorbo, Co-Founder and President of Go Mix Technology, has successfully launched a proprietary nutritional packaging solution globally. Paul brings extensive expertise to the health/wellness and nutritional space. Holding a BS in Cellular, Molecular, and Developmental Biology from CMU. As an ingredient and biochemistry specialist, he is dedicated to merging nutritional and medical expertise for human optimization.

Blais Hunter

Blais Hunter's career began in creative agencies before he seized the opportunity to lead Brand Management at Otterbox, a startup that blossomed from a garage operation to a global powerhouse. Transitioning to Dentsu as a Creative Director, he left his mark on renowned brands. After Blais founded Narwhal Creative, there, he connected with Amy and her groundbreaking idea, leading to his role at HOP.

Joe Hansley

Joe is a former Division 1 and NFL athlete turned entrepreneur. He broke into the health and wellness industry after founding his first company Go Mix, a patented ready-to-mix packaging system for nutritional powders. Joe is passionate about health and fitness, and has an expertise in packaging engineering, domestic and international supply chain, and logistics.

Dynamic formulation for consistent optimization

At HOP, it is our mission to provide you with the most up-to-date resources available in the longevity space. Our team is comprised of individuals at the forefront of this field, who carefully craft our dynamic formulation based on the emerging research.

Stop sifting through neverending research in vain! Allow our team of health and wellness advisors to intentionally curate the latest and greatest for you.

There is no such thing as ‘settled science.’ Science is always evolving, and we must do the same.

“My Energy Levels have been through the roof since about day 20.”

-Mark D

“My Energy Levels have been through the roof since about day 20.”

-Mark D