Rapamycin for longevity

In a Twitter poll of >700 longevity experts, 80% said that the drug Rapamycin likely has significant benefits on human health and lifespan.  Your first question should be, “I wonder why HOP is quoting a Twitter poll as scientific evidence?”  Fair point.   But the REAL point is this:  Rapamycin (aka sirolimus) has been making headlines […]


Welcome to the Human Optimization Project (HOP) blog! Today, we’re discussing the cutting-edge tools that allow us to live longer, happier lives by aging gratefully and combating the 9 downfalls of aging. We know that the aging process can be tough, but what if we told you that there are tools available to help you […]


Welcome to the world of human optimization! We’re here to talk about the tools and techniques that can help us live longer, happier lives. First, let’s talk about the aging process. As we get older, our bodies start to slow down and we may experience a decline in our physical and mental abilities. But what […]