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HOP Box is Life Span Certified!

We’re proud to announce that HOP Box has passed the rigorous certification process required to become Life Span Certified.  Woo hoo!  🎉

The Life Span Certification process was started by neuroscientist/biohacker/self-taught gymnast Jean Fallacara (check out his Instagram @cyborggainz ).  🤸

After years spent in the hard sciences, studying at MIT and then specializing in the convergence of AI, VR, Biochemistry, Genetics, and Biotechnology, Jean founded the Lifespanning Certification process to weed out the genuine science-backed products and technologies from the posers and riff-raff (our words, not his 😜). 

When we learned about his mission, we jumped at the chance to be critiqued and criticized to become a stronger company and better product. 

What is Life Span Certified?  

The certification process thoroughly evaluates each company’s practices, products, and research, and then a panel of experts conducts a comprehensive review.  Companies that meet all the requirements and demonstrate a strong commitment to ethical excellence are granted the prestigious Lifespan Certified partner status.

And, in case you’re wondering, no money exchanged hands to get this certification.  It’s all above board!  💪

To learn more about Life Span Certified products, visit their website.

Thank you for trusting us and joining us on this epic adventure!  

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