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The Lowdown on Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGMs)

Are you ready to take your health and longevity game to the next level? Strap on your Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) and prepare for some serious data-driven fun! 

These nifty devices are the latest trend among health-conscious folks like you who want to optimize their overall well-being. Today, we will dive into the fascinating world of CGMs and discover how they can supercharge your journey toward a longer and healthier life.

So, what exactly are CGMs? Picture this: tiny sensors inserted under your skin, working magic to measure glucose levels in the fluid surrounding your cells. These sensors are connected to a transmitter, which beams all the data to a receiver or a smartphone app. You see your glucose levels in real-time, like a high-tech superhero, tracking your levels continuously for days or weeks!

CGMs were initially designed to help people manage diabetes and hypoglycemia. But they aren’t just for diabetes anymore!

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts have HOPped onto the CGM train, using these nifty gadgets to track their glucose levels during workouts. It’s like having a glucose crystal ball, helping them optimize their nutrition and recovery. And now, longevity-seekers and biohackers are using CGMs to pinpoint patterns in glucose levels that might be linked to issues like fatigue, brain fog, or sneaky weight gain.

But wait, there’s more! CGMs aren’t just about managing the present; they’re about optimizing your future. Recent studies have shown that high blood glucose levels can cause a lot of trouble, from inflammation and oxidative stress to cellular damage. These factors speed up aging and increase the risk of age-related diseases like dementia, heart problems, and cancer. No thanks!

Since some CGMs can be expensive, a more affordable approach may be to use a CGM just for a few weeks to get to know your body.  During those weeks, you’ll learn what foods spike your blood sugar.  Traditionally, refined carbohydrates (think pasta, rice, white bread) and sugars will increase blood sugar the most, but each person responds differently.  For example, HOP team member Kyle found that for him, rice was a bigger blood-sugar spiker than ice cream.  Who would have thought?

With a CGM, you become a glucose detective. You can track which foods and meals are causing those sneaky spikes, allowing you to adjust your diet like a boss. Think low carbs, high healthy fats, fiber, and stability. Boom! You’re on your way to better glucose control, reduced inflammation, fewer wrinkles, and a lower risk of those pesky age-related diseases.  

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