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Young Blood

Ever felt like you just needed a fresh start?

Well, what if your blood did, too? 

Let’s dive into the world of “vampire” science (minus the fangs and capes) and explore how swapping old blood for new is not just for Gothic novels anymore. This idea got a turbo boost from parabiosis studies in mice – that’s when researchers joined young and old mice together, sharing their bloodstreams. 🐭➕🐭=🔬

The initial buzz? These studies suggested that “young blood” might just be the elixir of life, seemingly rejuvenating the older mice. Magic in the bloodstream! Or so it seemed…

But hold your horses (or, should we say, mice)! 🐴🚫 The plot thickens. It might not be the “young blood” wielding a magical youth wand, but rather the removal of harmful substances in the “old blood” that was turning back the biological clock. Think of it as not adding something special, but taking away the trash. 🗑️➖


Enter plasma exchange (a.k.a. plasmapheresis), the technique of the hour. This process swaps out the old, possibly grouchy plasma (the liquid part of your blood) with fresh plasma, potentially ditching those aging factors that no one invited to the party.

And guess what? This isn’t just a tale from the crypt. Real-world studies are underway to see if plasma exchange could be a key to slowing human aging. Researchers are searching for scientific evidence that plasmapheresis might help us age more gracefully. 🕵️‍♂️🧬

Will plasma exchange become a routine part of longevity protocols? Only time and rigorous research will tell.

HOP Tip:  As long as you’re healthy, consider regular blood donation, which seems to have some of the benefits of plasma exchange but without the hefty price tag!  

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