Ready to supercharge your cellular engines? Unearth the benefits of Grounding! Let’s chat about nicotinamide riboside (NR), a star ingredient in HOP Box that’s turning heads in the longevity and wellness communities!   What’s NR all about? NR is a form of vitamin B3 that plays a pivotal role in boosting NAD+ levels in your […]


Touch Grass… Unearth the benefits of Grounding! Have you ever felt a surge of vitality when walking barefoot on a beach or grass? There’s more to that feeling than just nostalgia for simpler childhood days. It’s called grounding or earthing, and it might just be the easiest health hack you’ve yet to try!   What’s […]

Reputable Sleep Study

Have you ever wondered if your supplements are truly working for you? We do, too! Exciting News  We teamed up with the Reputable Health app to run a study on how HOP Box improves sleep.   Here’s the scoop Who? Ten volunteers armed with Oura rings. What? A month-long, HOP Box trial, with results monitored […]

Ovary Health

If you could slow the aging of just one part of your body, what would it be? If you are a woman and you said, “My ovaries,” then we’re right there with you! Why? The ovaries age 2-5 times faster than other organs, and when they age out and stop working, it kicks off the […]

Young Blood

Ever felt like you just needed a fresh start? Well, what if your blood did, too?  Let’s dive into the world of “vampire” science (minus the fangs and capes) and explore how swapping old blood for new is not just for Gothic novels anymore. This idea got a turbo boost from parabiosis studies in mice […]